DIY: Peplum Corset Top

I'm always looking at ways to revamp old pieces in my closet. So I've been staring at the floral bubble dress for the longest. I've worn it maybe once in the two years that I've owned it mainly because there never seemed to be an appropriate occasion. Too dressy for school, not dressy enough for formal occasions, what's a girl to do. Then it hits me, a top! I've always loved the corset top of my dress and corsets are in for the spring so why not try it out? Ok enough jibber jabber, here's how I went about creating the top:
Here's the dress I started out with

Tools used:

The first thing I made sure to do was rip out the stitches that connected to outer fabric of the garment to the lining. This will ensure that the dress laid flat when I began to cut. I also ripped out any tucks within the dress that would have otherwise made the fabric uneven while cutting.

 Next I cut the dress all the way across, about an inch underneath the zipper.
Now the easy part, I pinned the hem at an inch from the raw edge and hand-stitch all the way around.

All in all I think the finished product came out great! I can't wait to wear my new top during this spring.

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