Style Feature: Meet Keith

Keith Lewis Age 27 Resides in Jackson, Mississippi Evaluation Analyst for a bank Ins...

Keith Lewis
Age 27
Resides in Jackson, Mississippi
Evaluation Analyst for a bank Instagram: Kinglewie

1. What does style mean to you? Style is your book cover. It's been said that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But, yet and still, many people do. Before you open your mouth to make a first impression people have seen you. They notice what you look like, that's your style. If you want people to read your book... make sure your cover is decent. 
2. When did you start to develop your personal style? Probably around my freshman year in college. I was pretty much a follower before then. I was always "stylish" & was even awarded "best dressed" in school but it wasn't really MY style. It was just what was hot at the time. I went through phases... I wore Fubu jerseys & was even guilty of rocking the band-aid under my eye a la Nelly (don't laugh) 

3. What inspirations led you to this point in style right now? Kanye West is one of my biggest style inspirations. I popped the color on my Polos in '03 just like him (again, don't laugh lol). His style is versatile & it won't cost you a fortune to draw inspiration from his looks to create your own. 
4. Favorite stores?  I live in Mississippi and there aren't a lot of high end stores here. I do most of my shopping online or out of town. I like Dillard's for all things classic. Aldo, H&M, Zara, Brooks Brothers to name a few. 

5. Favorite pieces in your closet? My favorite pieces in my closet have to be my khaki chinos. I'm not sure how many pairs I own but I always look at pictures and say "people are gonna think I only own one pair of pants" because they all look alike. They're versatile. I can put them on with saddles or loafers & an oxford during the day for work... throw on a polo, remove the socks & add a cuff & be ready for happy our... change into Jordans and a v-neck and be ready for the nightlife. You can't go wrong with khaki chinos. EVER 
6. A must have item. What are you currently in search of?  I'm somewhat of a "sneakerhead" & my must have item right now is an original pair of Diamond Turf 2. As far as style, every man needs a dark suit and a white dress shirt no matter who he is or what his occupation.

7. Do you consider yourself trendy? Like I said earlier, I used to be. Now, I just do me. Whatever looks good & feels good... I'm with it! 
8. What do you think people can take away from your style? Simplicity. I don't put too much effort into my looks. Less is more. Looking decent shouldn't be a part-time job. 

9. Style Icons? Kanye West, Sabir Peele (, Nick Wooster, Diddy 
10. Any final words to readers about fashion or style in general? Be yourself. Don't try to keep up with trends, they come & go. Don't go broke trying to look good. That's about it

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