Style Feature: Meet Xavier

Xavier Brown Age 21 Resides in Atlanta, Georgia Early Childhood Education major at Tennessee State University

Xavier Brown
Age 21
Resides in Atlanta, Georgia
Early Childhood Education major at Tennessee State University 

What does style mean to you? Style, to me, is decoration. Your body is your own personal dormitory door that you can spruce up any way your heart desires. It makes you feel at home, or in your comfort zone. Your place of zen. Though, your door may (or may not) impress, that is simply a byproduct. The main focus is YOUR well-being. Decoration and comfort.
When did you start to develop you personal style? I'd have to say about junior year of high school. 
What inspirations led you to this point in style right now? Basically that comfort I spoke of. Knowing what I felt good in, as well as looked good in.
Favorite Stores? Definitely GOODWILL OVER EVERYTHING. Lol Im'a broke college student. Gotta make due. Other than that, nowhere special..Lids for hats, Journey for shoes

Favorite Pieces in your closet? my red low top Chucks are a personal favorite. They're old and trusty, and I force them to match pretty much anything. Also, my black coat/gray hoodie combo (from Wal-Mart; $20). All shown in one of my photos above.
A must have item. What are you currently in search of? Well, I've recently decided to become a collector. I'm starting a collection of Historically Black Colleges/Universities crewneck sweaters. Being from Atlanta, I've decided to start at the AUC (Atlanta University Center), so currently I am in search of a vintage Morris Brown College crewneck....and some cheap black combat boots.
Do you consider yourself trendy? Honestly, I never exactly had the means to follow trends. My parents always tried their hardest to keep me in the loop, even if it meant buying knock-offs. The cool kids never accepted my Wal-Mart renditions of the latest trends, so I stopped trying. lol Did my own Wally-World thing.

What do you think people can take away from your personal style? That it isn't required you have on $300 worth of clothing to be considered stylish. On a daily basis, my shoes are my most expensive article, and Chucks are only 40 bucks at Journey.
Style Icons? easily Andre Benjamin and Kanye West. Less cliche choices would be Zaza Pachulia and Dwayne Wade for their business attire (both have been named the NBA's Best Dressed Man of the Year; Zaza was named the 2010 best dressed male Atlanta celebrity). Also, Big K.R.I.T., not for his clothing, but for the fact that he can pass for a rapper in the South (where flashy, expensive jewelry is pretty much a must have) with nothing more than a wooden Africa medallion, and a leather Mississippi medallion.
Any other words to readers about fashion or style in general? Honestly, just DYT. Do your thing. Whatever your thing may be. Don't ever let anyone deter or detour you from your thing.  People aren't always gonna appreciate your thing, but you must always remember: they don't dictate what decorations you put on YOUR door. Your comfort is king.

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