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Name, age, Website, and a brief bio of yourself Isaiah Johnson 22 1. What does style m...

Name, age, Website, and a brief bio of yourself
Isaiah Johnson

1. What does style mean to you?
To me style is all about staying true to you. Ever since I switched to menswear I felt like this is me and I’m happy. Because at one time I was wearing clothes just to impress people and I was not staying true to myself. I wore air forces and 4xl tees just so I could fit in at my school and now I look back at that and realize I was not who I was suppose to be. I mean it was not easy, after I switched my style a lot of my friends looked at me funny, made jokes they did not understand, but I never let that stop me from dressing the way I wanted to dress.  That’s what I really want to stress to my followers. Never change who you are.

2. When did you start to develop your personal style?
It was a little over last year during the second semester of my junior year of college.  I stumbled upon two bloggers while surfing the web one day  and they both changed the way I looked at style.

3. Favorite Stores?
Salvation Army, Good Will, and local Consignment Stores

4. Favorite piece(s) in your closet?
My Marc Jacobs Jean Jacket and my white bucks. They can go with anything

5. A must have item. What are you currently looking for?
Green Chinos  and a Yellow Blazer. I really want some green pants and I really want a yellow blazer/sports coat lol

6. Do you consider yourself trendy?
I consider my self as an inspiration more than trendy especially cause of my size. I really don’t want people to just wear what I wear. My main goal is for people to learn for my style and develop their own. Because we all follow trends, but it’s all about how you take that trend and make into something of your own

7. What do you think people are able to take away from your style?
I think that they take away inspiration towards finding their own personal style. I’ve had a lot of people men and women tell me that my blog helps them with style and it’s a beautiful feeling to hear that. The main goal of my blog was to find my style and help others find theirs like bloggers helped me when I was searching.

8.Style Icons/ Inspirations?
The Style Blogger, Street Etiquette were the first style bloggers I was introduced to.They both inspired me in different ways. Their style was fresh something I didn't see on my campus or back home . Then  all of the style/menswear’s blogs I met on tumblr boy did the help me out a lot. They all just  showed me love and gave me so much advice and tips during the beginnings of my blog.  I truly appreciate all of them

9. Any final words to readers about fashion or style in general?
Always love yourself and always stay true to yourself. Never let anyone discourage you or put you down because they don’t agree with your change or growth. 

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