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As summer approaches and temperatures rise, so does the need to great skincare for the heat. Living in the south, we girls have to hunts for...

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, so does the need to great skincare for the heat. Living in the south, we girls have to hunts for the perfect summer face earlier than most in the country. Foundations are definitely a no go, unless you plan on spending absolutely no time outside. Good coverage, with heat protection, all while being all to stand up to hot temps?? What's a girl to do? I think I found the answer.

BB Creams , short for Beauty Balm, is like your tinted moisturizer on steroids. It contains and SPF of 15 in most formulas, and all this other great stuff for your skin, anything from tone evener to vitamins to help revitalize skin and prevent wrinkle. Can you say beauty breakthrough. So far, I've tried two brands, both brown girl friendly. Here's the run down.

The left is the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. It has an SPF of 35 and I purchased it in shade dark. Copied straight from the packaging it reads, "Always be camera ready with this 5-in-1 BB Cream!! Prime, perfect, protect, hydrate, and control oil in one step to create a flawless face in a flash. Wear alone or under foundation for more coverage."
Let me just say, that I've used to product to its very end so that should be an indication of how much I LOVE it. It's applies easily and covers my dark spots as well as blemishes. The coverage is very build-able  and works well under my foundation. I will say, however, that the product only comes in 3 shades (fair, medium, and dark). Upon first trialing, I was a bit skeptical. It came off a bit light upon application, but once I gave it time to set into the skin, it blended very well into my complexion. Using this and my oil control setting power kept me shine free throughout most of the day, something a girl can appreciate living in hot Texas.
Here is a photo of my skin in the Product (smashbox)

Okay, on to the next...
To the right is the Iman Skin Tone Evener BB Creme. The product has an SPF of 15 and I purchased it in shade earth medium. Taken from the product website "skin care and color combined to even, protect, tone and compliment YOUR  skin tones like no other BB Cream ever has! Evens with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched with Acai, Licorice & grape Seed, Protects with SPF 15 & Antioxidants, Hydrates with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A, E, & C, Paraben-Free, Compliments your skin tone with a hint of color in 5 perfect-match shades.
As you can see, the developers of this product took great care to ensure that the ingredients in this product would benefit the skin greatly. Amazing ingredients, let me just say. The application goes on a little light but (just like smashbox) it sets to match your complexion. My only complaint would be that it was a little hard to blend with my other products. I have to put more effort in the blending my concealer in or else it looks really splotchy. But once I get all of that out of the way, my skin looks flawless. Here's a photo
As far as pricing goes, Smashbox goes for about $30 where as Iman is $20. I would go for either one on any given day because they're both pretty amazing.

What about you ladies? Have you guys tried any of the BB Creams? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Beautiful

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