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Name : Deneshia Website : Brief bio : I’m a twenty year old junior at Columbia Colleg...

Name: Deneshia
Brief bio: I’m a twenty year old junior at Columbia College, majoring in Studio Art. My freshman year of college I attended Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing
1. What does style mean to you?First and foremost, style to me means, knowing what suits you, style is about being true to yourself and not just wearing things to fit in or because it’s a “trendy item”. Secondly, style to me means, having the creativity and the confidence to wear items of your choice, whether it be from the 80s, the 90s, or some other era; if you like it, wear it. Dare to be different!
2. When did you start to develop your personal style?
My sophomore year of college, however, I wasn’t always comfortable in what I wore, because of my size until the beginning of my junior year.
3. Favorite Stores?Forever21+, Asos (Curvy & Inspire – plus size), The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Dots, I like stores that have reasonable prices.
4. Favorite piece(s) in your closet?My Mini Dress in Lace, and my red High Waist Jeans.
5. A must have item. What are you currently looking for?A neon blazer, I haven’t found one in my size yet, and when I do, the store is sold old. -_-
6. Do you consider yourself trendy?No, I don’t; occasionally I may buy a “trendy item” to fit it into my own look, but I usually stick to buying whatever I like regardless if it’s trending or not.
7. What do you think people are able to take away from your style?I think that from my style, people are able to take away the thoughts that plus size women don’t have as many options as the average woman does, because that is not true.
8. Style Icons/ Inspirations?Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Allie McGevna, Nadia Aboulhosn, Mia Tyler, Fluvia Lacerda
9. Any final words to readers about fashion or style in general?Never let anyone tell what you can and cannot wear, if you like it, wear it. Dare to be different! 

You can connect with this lovely ladies on any of these sites:
Instagram: chroniclesofafatshionista
Twitter: @fatshionbeauty

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