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Cassaela Undercover Dress-Up Lover [ http:// undercoverdressuplover. ] gamer, blogger, violinist, wannabe scientist 1...

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gamer, blogger, violinist, wannabe scientist

1. What does style mean to you?
I could go on about self-expression and creative outlets and things, but for me, fashion is a massive waste of time, energy and money. I hate loving fashion; it's my guilty pleasure. Nevertheless, superficial though it is, clothes are a variable that, if I can control it to control others' first impressions of me, I will. Perhaps through fashion I can fool others into thinking I'm quite interesting, really!

2. When did you start to develop your personal style?
My family tell me that since I was tiny, I had a knack for putting together nice outfits on Pokemon and Cardcaptor Sakura dress-up games on the computer. I've always liked dressing other things up, and drawing and designing clothes, but I wasn't even remotely interested in dressing up myself until my mid-teens. Maybe it's because a child's body doesn't lend itself to clothes shops sell, as there is a bit of a gap in the market for people who are in between children's and adults' sizes.

3. Favorite Stores?
If I could marry a shop, it would probably be TK Maxx. There's such a mix of unique brands and designs, there's always something different there, and the price-quality relationship is volatile, but produces some fantastic bargains now and again. I also like shopping supermarket brands, like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's. If you think you're above all that, you're missing out!

4. Favorite piece in your closet?
It's a close call between all my dresses, but I think my favourite is my red tartan skater dress []. It's such a bold colour, and has a nice full skirt which I fill with a petticoat for a poofy silhouette. Red is the dominant colour in my wardrobe as it flatters my skin tone and is so easy to style, since it compliments both black and brown.

5. What are you currently looking for?
I already have too many clothes and I try to keep my intake down, but it would be really lovely to have some tan-coloured leather brogues for summer, to wear with frilly ankle socks. I have around eleven or twelve pairs of shoes [], but most of them are boots for winter, because I love boots a little too much.

6. Do you consider yourself trendy?
I don't think I'm quite the clone of the plastic mannequins in the windows of Topshop and River Island that plague my town, but I'm not going to lie. I'm influenced by trends just like any other person, though I am more into the granny and Victorianesque styles like lolita []. Everyone's style is to some extent dictated by what's available to buy in the shops, unless your a master seamstress, which I am not!

7. What do you think people are able to take away from your style?
I think my style is quite mixed up, as some days I'll be quite romantic and prim, and other days I'll look like a ten-year-old in a cute t-shirt and trainers. Sometimes I'll do interesting things with my clothes to add a touch that you don't usually see, like using petticoats, lace trims, collar tips, and lots and lots of layering. I like to think I give off a creative vibe, to compensate for my true nature - after all, my life is just studying, gaming and violining. I'm quite a boring person, really.

8. Style Icons/ Inspirations?
I suspect my childhood 'fashion' icon was probably Cardcaptor Sakura, with her humungous van of spectacular (and completely fantastical) costumes. My Chinese dub boxset of the series is an old childhood friend of mine.
A lot of my current style inspirations are other people on the internet, like Michelle [], Rebecca [] and Emilka [].

9. Any final words to readers about fashion or style in general?
"To define is to limit." There's no need to get so caught up with a word or a label. Labels should be descriptive, not definitive.

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