Style Feature: Meet Gozi of Gozikas Journal 1.      What does style mean to you? How to start…? Style is not just about apparel and cloth...

1.    What does style mean to you?
How to start…? Style is not just about apparel and clothing. It’s a way of living, seeing things, doing things and in other words a lifestyle. People’s styles develop over the years along with their surroundings and accumulated experiences. Wow, and I find myself getting so deep with this question.

2. When did you start to develop your personal style?
My style journey is a never ending Odyssey that has been developing ever since puberty and high school I guess. It constantly evolves but I ‘d like to say that probably about three years ago it started gaining some stability and visible patterns. I guess I finally hit plain old adulthood :D

3. Favorite Stores?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite store really. I have favorite shopping streets though and these would be London’s Oxford Street, Stockholm’s Drottningsgatan and Helsinki’s Aleksanterinkatu. Shopping’s not always my agenda. I enjoy aesthetics and inspirations I get from people who walk the streets, the clothes in the different stores as well as the atmosphere and music. It’s the whole experience in one nice big packages!

4. Favorite piece(s) in your closet?
I have so many pieces I love hence I can’t really name just one piece. I do have this one new cape I bought from a uni classmate who wanted to give it away. I haven’t been able to feature it yet on my blog and it’s more suitable for fall but it’s an elegant edgy piece ;)
5. A must have item. What are you currently looking for?
Must-have is a tricky and weird term for me. I know I probably sound difficult right now but I feel like I’m not necessarily someone who obsesses after material things. What I’m currently anticipating though is to tailor-make some pretty clothes out of African Ankara print material. This is a summer project and I can’t wait to start having some African patterns on a daily basis.

6. Do you consider yourself trendy?
Whether I consider myself trendy? I like to think that I dress well and have my own unique taste. In the end I think my style is quite simple though. I love to use classics, mix the with colors and throw a few statement, eye-catching accessories into my outfits.
With this all being said, I’m not the type of person who obsesses after the latest trends. I wear what I think looks good on me. I also try not to accumulate too much clutter that I wear only once. That’s just wrong in so many ways.

7. What do you think people are able to take away from your style?
I think people are mostly inspired by the playfulness of my style. I really like to experiment with looks and have some fun while doing it. Quite often, I try to bring this fun into many of the outfit posts I feature on my blog. Fashion should be fun J

8.Style Icons/ Inspirations?
I’m inspired by so many people and things. The people that currently inspire me are my flat mates, a few uni classmates as I study in the Swedish School of Textiles and also random people I see on streets. Oops, and yes…Pinterest!

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