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Name: Mryiiam a.k.a meem  Age: 20 Blog: I live in England, studying architecture.  I see myself as a blank ...

Name: Mryiiam a.k.a meem 
Age: 20

I live in England, studying architecture.  I see myself as a blank canvas which is being painted on throughout life, very outgoing, and full of spirit! I live in my own positive bubble!

1.What does style mean to you? Style to me, is basically describing who I am visually instead of having to talk about myself.

2. When did you start develop your personal style? Through out the years, I would say around college, because it was the time where we let go of our school uniforms, is when I started to play around with clothing to start standing out from everybody else.

3. Favorite Stores? My favourite stores would be h&m, topshop and online would be asos, they offer a really wide range of clothing which I simple love.
4. Favorite piece(s) in your closet? My favourite pieces in my closet would be my scarves and my accessories!

5. A must have item. What are you currently looking for? A must have item would be accessories! lots of it!! I'm a lover of statement necklaces !! 

6. Do you consider yourself trendy? I do consider myself half trendy, I am up to date with trends, but I wont go after the trend if I don't like it, I prefer going after what suits me. 

7. What do you think people are able to take away from your style? Bright colours!

8. Style icons/inspirations? Architecture inspires me so much, believe it or not I get inspired by objects more than people!

9. Any final words to our readers about style or fashion in general? Fashion&Style is a field of no judgments or rules, its simply showing who you are through fabrics and colours.

For more awesome photos of this lovely lady, be sure to check out her site, her instagram @Mryiiam, and her lookbook TypicalMeem

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  1. Can we just say how amazing she is and her headscarfs?! beautiful!



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