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Since I'm officially in my late 20's, I've starting to pay attention to the care of my skin. As you approach 30 and the yea...

Since I'm officially in my late 20's, I've starting to pay attention to the care of my skin. As you approach 30 and the years after, skin tends to become increasingly dry and vacant of elasticity. Ok, ok, I'm not THAT close to 30, but skincare is important. Each year, the beauty companies all come out with these sparkling new products that are supposed to "nourish this", and "hydrate that". In my journey, I've found that these products don't really work for me. Until recently, I came across this all-natural, minimal routine that has allowed my skin to flourish. Check out the steps below:

1. Remove Makeup and Cleanse
I use whatever makeup wipes I have on hand, 2, even 3 if I need to and remove the makeup, dirt and oil from the day.

2. Clean and Exfoliate
I then wet my face and with a pump or 2 of my homemade Liquid African Black Soap, I massage the product in the my skin with circular motions.While the cleanser is still on my skin, I use my motorized face brush to gently exfoliate my skin. This helps to remove the dirt and unclog you pores. Also, the brush is gentle is enough to be used daily.

**NOTE: The African Black Soap can be used in it's solid form, but it tends to soften quickly and evaporate. I prefer a liquefied version just so I don't have little pebbles of soap all over my bathroom. **

3. Rinse and Tone.
Once I feel like my sKin has been properly exfoliated (about 2 mins), I rinse my face with luke warm water and pat dry with a towel. As my toner, I use Aloe Vera Gel on a cotton round and dab that into my face.

4. Moisturize
Finally to complete my skincare routine, I grab my 2-3 drops of jojoba oil and massage the product into my skin.


I purchased the bulk of these products at Trader Joe's, however, they can be found at Whole Foods as well. The African Black soap is from Whole Foods and costs about $4 per bar. The soap also can be purchased online at coastalscents,com My next skincare post will feature recipes on diy skincare, including the Liquid African Black Soap above, a rosewater and Aloe Vera toner, and Aztec Clay Mask. Try this skincare routine our and let me know how it works for you!

Until Next Post,
XOXO- Danie


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